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wrong yarn

For some reason, I thought Handpainted Yarn would be perfect for Lady Eleanor. I adore the yarn itself, but it’s variegated, not self-striping. After getting a couple repeats into it, I believe Lady Eleanor really needs a self-striping yarn to bring out the best in this pattern. Individually, the rectangles look beautiful, but the entrelac pattern won’t have the right overall impact if I continue with the variegated yarn. For a project this big, I want to get it right. After much research on Flickr, I jumped on the bandwagon and ordered 10 balls of Noro Silk Garden. It just seemed like the right thing to do. Fortunately, I found it on sale at School Products! I’ve never used Noro before and this yarn seems to have surprises inside, which scares me just a bit. I needed more color changes that were in the Handpainted yarn, but I think some of the Noro colorways can look a bit garish. School Products only had 2 colors available, and I decided to play it safe and chose the one that looked subtler (#82), expecting that there will be some bursts of color in there, anyway. Now I have to try to return the Handpainted Yarn. I’m not a big yarn stasher and I don’t have much use for chunky variegated yarn. If anyone out there in Blogland wants it, let me know!

On the bright side, I’m definitely enjoying the entrelac pattern. The directions in Scarf Style seemed very clear to me, so it’s not difficult at all, and it’s pretty fascinating to see this thing knit itself up! I’m sure it will take me a while to finish, but it will be a great fall/winter project.

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back to school time

The yarn guy—I mean, the mail carrier came yesterday. And he brought me this:

…9 hanks of Handpainted Yarn bulky wool in Velvet Grapes. The colors are similar to the colors I’m using in my sock, but have a much greater range. Apparently I’m going through a purple phase. I ordered this yarn to make Lady Eleanor from Scarf Style. Since I’m so close to finishing the sweater, I thought I’d go ahead and start a brand new project!! It really makes no sense, but it happens every time. As soon as I’m this close to finishing a project, I start spending all my time searching for new patterns and comparing yarns and then casting on for the new thing. I actually did start one of the sleeves for the cabled turtleneck, and it shouldn’t take me any longer than a mindless (yet addictive) reality show marathon to finish both of them, so I don’t feel too bad starting Lady Eleanor.

Well, I learned magic loop the other night and it Changed My Life. It’s absolutely my favorite tricky knitting technique yet. I get what everyone’s raving about now and it will definitely result in more socks down the road.

Overall, it was quite a productive summer of knitting for me. I completed the lace panel cardi that I’d had on the needles for a while, finished the Prairie Tunic, knit 2 Odessa hats, learned how to knit socks, and put a big dent in the cabled turtleneck sweater. Unfortunately, I have to resume my position as a responsible, contributing member of society next week. The knitting will slow down, but before that happens I’m going to try to add “Taught Myself Entrelac” to the list!

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