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short and sweet

I finished the body of the Baby Cable Wrap cardigan. I really love it so far. I can’t wait to block that cable/lace pattern!

That’s it.
p.s. Did anyone else’s Flickr account go Spanish today? Am I not getting the joke?

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knotted baby hat

I knit a baby hat. On Sunday morning. Before brunch, no less. I have to go to a spur-of-the-moment-ish baby shower next week and wanted to give something handknit, but it had to be quick. I had planned on spending all my knitting time over these next few weeks working on the Baby Cable Wrap for this other baby I know, but then this baby shower suddenly showed up right out of the clear blue sky! So I found this simple, but cute hat pattern on Ravelry and cranked it out in just about two hours. I used half a skein or so of Debbie Bliss Cotton Angora on size 6 needles in a dark olive green (don’t worry, it’s a boy bun in the oven) and I’m knitting some booties to match.

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patti cardi

I think I love it. (Don’t let that sourpuss in the photo fool you.) Patti is complete and yes, there are some things that could be better, but overall, the fit is excellent, I really like the color, and it looks just like something I would buy for myself (except that I spent 3 months knitting it instead). I used 8 skeins of Elsebeth Lavold Silky Tweed, on size 3 and 5 needles. I almost had to get into that 9th skein of yarn for the seaming, but I just made it with 8. The length of the sleeves and the body are right where I’d like them to be, and there’s a little extra room in the armholes, but that’s no biggie. The button band is pulling a little. 5 buttons would have been better than 3, but maybe I’ll move the buttons over a smidge so that it’s less noticeable.

I really love the pleats. Yeah, they give the garment (and the wearer) a triangular shape, and so maybe the swing jacket thing IS kinda trendy right now, but I can’t help it! — I still think the style is cute. And I’m no longer worried about coworkers thinking I’m pregnant. I just make sure I don’t wear swingy sweaters two days in a row! 🙂 The construction of the pleats is very cool. The stitches that make up the pleats are slipped on every other row, so the fabric just wants to fold that way on its own and they’re nice and crisp. Hopefully this sweater will behave itself and hold its shape. If so, this may now be the handknit I wear the most!

(There are a couple more pics on Flickr.)

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almost there…

Patti is blocking. Michelle asked me at knitting club the other night if I thought I would love this cardigan. My response was, “I think, maybe…” Of course I hadn’t so much as thrown the unblocked pieces over my shoulders to try to get an idea of how it would fit. I had done WAY too much stockinette to get all disappointed right before seaming it all up, and I was too nervous to even check. So I figured it’ll be what it’ll be, and pressed onward. After a seaming marathon last night I tried it on and I don’t want to speak too soon and say that it fit perfectly…but…

We’ll see.

I’m just glad to finally have Patti practically finished so that I can now focus my attention on the Baby Cable Wrap. The color of the yarn is exactly what I was hoping for! I ordered Filatura Di Crosa Zara in what I believe is their cotton candy colorway. It’s sort of purpley-pinkish and very pretty, but not too, too pastel. I have to get this one done in a few weeks, so it’s back to the knitting needles for the rest of this afternoon!

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little knits

It’s unseasonably warm today. And sunny. And I know it’s a total tease, but it gets me all excited for warmer weather, anyway. It’s days like this that usually get me thinking about which pretty little springtime garment I’ll knit this year, BUT—I never wind up wearing any of those springy little garments I knit. I’m going to try not to get suckered into any of those warm weather patterns this year, but I make no guarantees. The only little knit I want to finish is this Cable Wrap from Baby Knits by Lois Daykin. I wanted to knit something sort of special and sort of chic for a friend’s little girl who will be turning 1 in April, and this was exactly what I was looking for. I have already ordered the book and the yarn, and I just realized I’ll only have about a month to knit this, so now I’m getting nervous.

Small Bird has been taking up a lot of what used to be my knitting time, but I just completed a bunch of new jewelry pieces this weekend (be on the lookout for new items in the shop over the coming weeks!) so I actually had some time to make some more progress on Patti! Button bands are now complete and the collar is half-finished. The sleeves have to be seamed, the buttons have to be sewn on, and the thing needs a really serious blocking. No photo because the thing looks like a hot mess right now. My goal is to get this one under control before the pattern and yarn arrive for the Baby Cable Lace Wrap. Hurry up, pattern!

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