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small bird goes to market

I joined the second storie} crew yesterday evening to have another go at the South Wedge Farmer’s Market. I was the “featured artist” in August, but it rained cats and dogs and I wound up packing it in early. So they let me have a do-over! The weather couldn’t have been more perfect and there’s never a shortage of interesting people and goings-on in the South Wedge. All in all, it was a pleasant way to spend a Thursday evening. I plan on joining up with second storie} again on November 29th and 30th for their Indie Market. It sounds like it’s going to be kind of a big deal.

Speaking of big deals…this is a milestone (of sorts) for me…Oh, I know, I know…Etsy hearts don’t really mean anything…and you shouldn’t base your Etsian self-worth on how many people “heart” you, but…a thousand?? Kinda cool for little old me.

Time to sit is time to knit, so I did work on a sleeve of Assemblage while I was at the market. I did have two sleeves almost finished, but I had to rip one out. I think with all my stopping and starting and piecing together of this cardigan, I accidentally used the wrong needle size for one of my sleeves. Boo. So Assemblage is coming along…but slowly.

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