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third time’s the charm…

I just started knitting the second sleeve of Assemblage…for the third time. I thought it was too big because I used the wrong needle size, but as it turns out, I messed up one row containing TEN decreases, so had to rip back to the cuff. Again. (Sigh…)

While I continue to make negative progress on Assemblage, I’ve started some smaller projects…for “fun.” I started the Tapestry Cowl, which immediately told me that it wants to be a Christmas gift. The reversible pattern is created using double knitting, which I had never done before. And even though I have to pay attention to every. single. stitch., it really is a cool technique. However, as cool as it is, and as much as I love this gorgeous pattern, I realized that colorwork is not really my thing. For whatever reason, I just don’t enjoy it as much as other knitting techniques. I might have to get over that, though. There are too many beautiful fair isle patterns in my queue…

I was so inspired by Melissa’s entrelac scarf, that I immediately ordered some Noro Silk Garden and started knitting away this weekend. I’m not in love with the colorway, but I am in love with entrelac. I’d almost forgotten just how much I enjoy this technique. I know some people find it tedious…but I find it completely addicting. (Just one more square…) I cast on 24 stitches on size 8 needles and followed the instructions for Lady Eleanor from Scarf Style. I think this scarf may also become a Christmas gift, but you never know. It does look rather nice with my rust-colored fall coat.

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