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paper ‘n stitch

Recently, a friend of mine (frustrated by searching the entire internet for handmade items) wondered how you find the “good” handmade stuff. One of my suggestions was Paper ‘n Stitch. If you’re not already familiar with the site, Paper ‘n Stitch describes itself as “an online exhibition space for talented artists, designers, makers selling handmade goods, and independent boutiques.” In other words, the good stuff. Since the exhibition rotates monthly, I’m continually adding to my collection of favorite indie shops! I’m very excited that my shop will be featured in the latest Paper ‘n Stitch exhibition, which runs Feb 23rd – March 22nd. However, the items that appear on Paper’n Stitch are only a sampling of what’s available in the actual Small Bird Jewelry shop. The shop was recently updated, so some favorite items have been restocked, and several brand new items have been listed, as well!

And I’d be delighted if you’d vote for my shop as your favorite! Just visit my shop at Paper ‘n Stitch and click on the cute little heart icon by my shop logo.

One of the new items in my shop is the Green Sea Glass Ring. I’m sort of completely in love with it. I don’t remember exactly what made me want to experiment with sea glass in the first place, but all of a sudden I just had to try it. There’s something I love about the idea of sea glass…knowing that it was once sleek and shiny and mass-produced and carelessly cast aside, and that nature has turned it into something lovely and organic and soothing and translucent and soft and dreamy and one of a kind.

Yeah…maybe that’s what made me want to use sea glass.

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I finished the first of several baby knits. I’m saying “several” because the list keeps growing. And changing. And growing. I’ve been getting so excited about all these new people I’m going to meet (you know, when they finally get born) and suddenly baby knits are so stinkin’ cute! And have you smelled that baby aisle in the grocery store??? It’s heaven. I might have baby fever. Make that: Other People’s Babies Fever.

I wish I could knit heirloom lace cashmere afghans for each and every one of these babies, but I’d go bananas. Plus there are so many cute baby things to be ordered online! Some of the baby stuff on Etsy is impossible to resist. So for baby gift #1, I kept the knitting small, but I think mom-to-be will appreciate the entire ensemble. Now, I realize that there are people out there who may be somewhat horrified at the thought of dressing a teensy little bundle of joy this way, but Mom has a tattoo of a flaming roller skate, and in all likelihood, there’s a mohawk in this kid’s not-so-distant future, so you can see why it was the right thing to do.

I used just a fraction of a skein of Brown Sheep Nature Spun Worsted on size 6 needles. You can find the free hat pattern here, the onesie here, and mom-to-be here and here.
(Erin, did you peek? They should make “punkling” onesies in your size. :P)

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