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new nephew

The Spring of the Babies reached it’s pinnacle last week when my sister and her husband finally had their baby. It. Was. Awesome.
And now I have a nephew! I’m an aunt! It’s like a promotion.

So this is the little recipient of most of those baby knits.  This is our family’s first baby, so we are completely smitten. All of our words end in approximately 7 vowels, people scramble for their cameras every time he yawns (or sneezes), and he’s already receiving text messages from his grandfather. This kid has complete control over all of us. I believe The Dimple is the source of his superpowers…

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maybe baby

So here are what I think might be the last of the baby knits for my soon-to-be nephew. Well, the last for now. The Suede Baby Hat and Ugg Bootiesare two of my absolute favorite baby patterns ever. I guess I tend to think of them as one pattern because you just can’t knit one and not the other! The cuteness increases exponentially when the hat and booties are together. I’m not into novelty yarns and I don’t do much faux anything, really, but for some reason, I think these patterns with these yarns make the cutest little baby set. The “suede” and “fur” look totally hip. Plus, they’re always a crowd pleaser at showers…and when I go to a baby shower, I play to win. (ahem.) Anyway…I knit the pattern just as it’s written. Details on Ravelry for hat and booties.

I have only knit one other “softie” in my entire knitting life. It turned out beautifully(if I do say so myself), but the process was so fussy, I doubted whether I’d ever knit another toy. But Ysolda’s Elijah pattern is so adorable, I couldn’t help myself. And if you’re going to knit a stuffed animal, thisis the way to do it! Yes, there are still a lot of little parts to knit, but Ysolda has you picking up stitches instead of seaming—an alternative I’ll take any day! I was very impressed with the clever construction throughout the pattern. All of the shaping is very carefully thought out. I used one-and-a-smidge balls of Rowan Cashsoft DK in lavender on size 2.5 bamboo needles, one of which I snapped in half by knitting so tightly. So maybe aluminum needles next time. I’m saving this gift to give to my nephew the first time I meet him in person. I think he’ll like it. Details on Ravelry.

Speaking of “winning” the baby shower… I think my sister liked the Seed Stitch Baby Jacket

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I finally got my copy of Doodle Stitching…and I was kind of surprised at what I decided to make first! I think I was excited to do a sewing/embroidery project since I just took a sewing class this weekend, too. And then, of course, there are the babies. All the babies that are arriving this spring. And these babies, they need little squishy handmade animals with cute stuff embroidered on their tummies, you know? I started this felt owl without a specific baby in mind (thinking maybe I’d make a whole fleet of them…and I still may), but I’m pretty sure I know who this one is for. 🙂 This owl is 4″ tall. More pics on Flickr.

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This is the first knit gift I’ve finished for my nephew-to-be. I actually had a hard time finding a satisfactory sweater pattern for a baby boy. I wanted something that was a little different, but not too cutesy, and still interesting to knit, but would not make my nephew roll his eyes rightout of his head when he looks back on his baby pictures 13 years from now. (Yeah, I thought that far ahead.) I finally decided that Elinor’s Seed Stitch Baby Jacket would be just about right. It’s a simple little hoodie, but the texture and double-breasted styling make it just special enough.  I used 3.5 skeins of Elann Superwash Worsted in “wheat” on size 6 needles, and chose some dark brown leather buttons to contrast. All that seed stitch slowed things down significantly, and made my wrists ache if I worked on it for too long, but I am so happy with the finished product that I forgive you, Seed Stich. Other than that, it was a fairly easy knit, although somewhere along the line it is apparent that I completely forgot how to use a measuring tape, so I adjusted all subsequent measurements accordingly…sort of….looks proportional to me, anyway. And this is what I like about knitting for babies: they are every size at some point in time.  Whether Mom stuffs them in that sweater on the particular day that it just happens to fit is another thing altogether. (Be vigilant, Sis. I want pics of the little guy in this one!)  There are a few more photos on Flickr, too. 

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I finished the first of several baby knits. I’m saying “several” because the list keeps growing. And changing. And growing. I’ve been getting so excited about all these new people I’m going to meet (you know, when they finally get born) and suddenly baby knits are so stinkin’ cute! And have you smelled that baby aisle in the grocery store??? It’s heaven. I might have baby fever. Make that: Other People’s Babies Fever.

I wish I could knit heirloom lace cashmere afghans for each and every one of these babies, but I’d go bananas. Plus there are so many cute baby things to be ordered online! Some of the baby stuff on Etsy is impossible to resist. So for baby gift #1, I kept the knitting small, but I think mom-to-be will appreciate the entire ensemble. Now, I realize that there are people out there who may be somewhat horrified at the thought of dressing a teensy little bundle of joy this way, but Mom has a tattoo of a flaming roller skate, and in all likelihood, there’s a mohawk in this kid’s not-so-distant future, so you can see why it was the right thing to do.

I used just a fraction of a skein of Brown Sheep Nature Spun Worsted on size 6 needles. You can find the free hat pattern here, the onesie here, and mom-to-be here and here.
(Erin, did you peek? They should make “punkling” onesies in your size. :P)

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the babies are coming!

Everyone I know is pregnant. Everyone. Ok, not everyone, but I know 4 babies that are arriving this spring, all within weeks of each other! Seem like a lot of babies to me.

The best part is, one of these babies is going to be my first niece or nephew—I’m going to be an aunt! I’m reallyreallyreally excited. (reallyreallyreallyreally…) Of course I’m going to knit for the little peanut, but I kinda can’t help shopping in the meantime.

Yes, I bought my niecephew a Small Bird onesie. Turns out, they’ll print anything you want on a onesie. With options like that, my sister and brother-in-law are lucky that my business logo is the only thing I tried to put on their kid! (For now.) And my sister loved it. And this is why I love my sister. Because I can cheapen the miracle of life by attempting to turn her firstborn child into a living business card and she thinks it’s as funny as I do. 😉 Actually, she thinks it’s pretty cute, too. But I should really knit this kid something good if I expect to get away with this kind of nonsense.

I’m trying to get my Assemblage cardigan under control before I start my baby garment factory. But I have several patterns all lined up and some of the yarn is already here and I’m having a very hard time NOT casting on. Cuteness…it is hard to resist.

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