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bunny embroidery

Check it out—my first embroidery project! I thought maybe I’d be really responsible and methodical about this new hobby, perhaps try the Circle Sampler from The New Crewel as my first project, until I realized that I was feeling a little overwhelmed by the idea of teaching myself new stitch, after new stitch, after new stitch…and was kind of procrastinating on learning to embroider at all.


I was poking around WhipUp the other night and came across this free embroidery pattern. Turns out, the designer is Andrea Zuill, who’s Etsy shop I’ve always admired. (I learn something new every day on The Internets.) I immediately thought it was a lovely design, and then I remembered that my sister is doing a bunny thing for the new nursery, so what choice did I have? I jumped in.


Obviously, I modified the pattern. I thought it best since I only had a 6″ hoop, and also largely because I don’t know what the heck I’m doing. I decided to do a simple little outlined rabbit, omitting the fancy border stuff and adding the leaves at the bottom,and I used what I believe to be “backstitch.” I wasn’t even sure if it was finished, until I decided that it was. But that’s all embroidery has to be, right? Pretty little outlines in thread? And I did do the bunny tail in French knots, so I gave myself Beginner’s Bonus Points for that.


Ok, even though the design was WAY simplified, um…why didn’t anyone tell me embroidery was so fast??? Jeezaloo! All those years of knitting and knitting and knitting and spending days and weeks and months on ONE project, spending a king’s ransom on yarn and some obscure size needles that I had to special order, only to have it be all wonky and unwearable at the end….and…oh my gosh…I’m suddenly exhausted.

I made this bunny during Lost. AND kept up with the plot, thankyouverymuch. (Well, as much as I ever do.) I doubt embroidery will take hold of me the way the knitting did, but it’s an incredibly nice change of pace right now.


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