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new old chairs

I went garage sale-ing with a friend this weekend and picked up something I needed and something I …”needed.” The thing I really needed was the desk I found to use as a sewing table. It was the perfect size and price and very solid and has a little bookshelf built into the side. It’s not great looking, but it’s not ugly and it actually spent its former life as a sewing table!  Perfect.

The thing I didn’t know I needed until I saw it was this pair of wood folding chairs. The seller didn’t know where they came from but they remind me of theater chairs. Well, maybe “theater” is a bit generous. At the very least, they could have been used as seating in some gymnacafetorium for the school talent show or something. That’s vintage enough for me. I have no idea where I’ll put them, but they called out to me, so I’ll figure out that part later. I just think they’re super cool.

The pillow is from Appetite Home.

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