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Another project for the new house…nothing major; just a little fabric and thread. I embroidered a simplified illustration of the front of my new house. I was thinking of doing something more complex, maybe some kind of crewel design, but my crewel book has already been packed.  🙂

My embroidery skills are a little weak, and the finished piece is a little wonky, but I’m very pleased with the overall look of the simple backstitch outlines and the lovely little French knot blossoms on the tree.

I don’t actually know what kind of tree that is, but it’s one of those that fills with gorgeous flowers for about ONE DAY…and then they all fall off. It just so happens that the tree was in full bloom the day I first saw the house. So in my mind, I will always picture the house with that beautiful flowering tree in the front yard.

For some added kitsch, I did have “home sweet home” embroidered underneath the house, but when I finished, it was pretty much unreadable. (See: wonky embroidery skills.) So I took it out. I think this piece will wind up hanging in the foyer.

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I finally got my copy of Doodle Stitching…and I was kind of surprised at what I decided to make first! I think I was excited to do a sewing/embroidery project since I just took a sewing class this weekend, too. And then, of course, there are the babies. All the babies that are arriving this spring. And these babies, they need little squishy handmade animals with cute stuff embroidered on their tummies, you know? I started this felt owl without a specific baby in mind (thinking maybe I’d make a whole fleet of them…and I still may), but I’m pretty sure I know who this one is for. 🙂 This owl is 4″ tall. More pics on Flickr.

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bunny embroidery

Check it out—my first embroidery project! I thought maybe I’d be really responsible and methodical about this new hobby, perhaps try the Circle Sampler from The New Crewel as my first project, until I realized that I was feeling a little overwhelmed by the idea of teaching myself new stitch, after new stitch, after new stitch…and was kind of procrastinating on learning to embroider at all.


I was poking around WhipUp the other night and came across this free embroidery pattern. Turns out, the designer is Andrea Zuill, who’s Etsy shop I’ve always admired. (I learn something new every day on The Internets.) I immediately thought it was a lovely design, and then I remembered that my sister is doing a bunny thing for the new nursery, so what choice did I have? I jumped in.


Obviously, I modified the pattern. I thought it best since I only had a 6″ hoop, and also largely because I don’t know what the heck I’m doing. I decided to do a simple little outlined rabbit, omitting the fancy border stuff and adding the leaves at the bottom,and I used what I believe to be “backstitch.” I wasn’t even sure if it was finished, until I decided that it was. But that’s all embroidery has to be, right? Pretty little outlines in thread? And I did do the bunny tail in French knots, so I gave myself Beginner’s Bonus Points for that.


Ok, even though the design was WAY simplified, um…why didn’t anyone tell me embroidery was so fast??? Jeezaloo! All those years of knitting and knitting and knitting and spending days and weeks and months on ONE project, spending a king’s ransom on yarn and some obscure size needles that I had to special order, only to have it be all wonky and unwearable at the end….and…oh my gosh…I’m suddenly exhausted.

I made this bunny during Lost. AND kept up with the plot, thankyouverymuch. (Well, as much as I ever do.) I doubt embroidery will take hold of me the way the knitting did, but it’s an incredibly nice change of pace right now.


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So I have renovated my blog. When I started Knits ‘n Pieces nearly 3 years ago, I never imagined that I might want to blog about anything other than knitting. Turns out, I do. I want to keep track of everything from my jewelry work to…well, paper deer heads (for example), so I’ve moved. And here we are. Welcome. 🙂

For months I’ve been knitting nothing but baby items, and my knitting mojo is on the skids. I’ll get it back, but I don’t even care to post progress photos of what I’ve been working on because it seems so painfully dull to me right now. There are several projects on the sticks, and I’m still plugging away, but I’ll save that for another post. In the meantime, I am all excited about a couple of new crafty endeavors! I feel like learning how to sew properly is long overdue. I can get the machine loaded up and head in a straight line, but that’s where it ends. I want to know all the little stuff that I don’t know, so I signed up for a sewing class. I went to the craft store to get my materials the other night, and just wandered aimlessly for what felt like hours. No kidding, it really may have been hours. I didn’t bother checking the time. And I don’t even know if I got the right materials. Which confirmed that some basic sewing instruction would indeed be beneficial.

I’m not sure where the urge to embroider came from, exactly, but I have a feeling that Cauchy may have had a lot to do with it. I ordered a couple books (Doodle Stitching and The New Crewel), but I’ve only gotten as far as winding my embroidery floss. I have to find some time to sit down and teach myself. Hopefully that will happen soon. Still, I’m looking forward to make some pretty, delicate, kitschy little things. I think they will make me quite happy.

And in the “kinda new, but not really” category, I have a new sea glass ring in the shop! Some of my Twitter friends helped me critique a white sea glass ring some time ago, but it just didn’t captivate me the way the green one did. Or does. I found some rare lavender sea glass (the history of which is really interesting!) and sort of had a feeling that it would give me the look and feel I was going for.  And I think I sort of love it.

After leaving Etsy, I wondered how I would be able to get my work “out there” for people who weren’t already familiar with me. I made a Facebook page, but I’m not so good at playing Facebook, so I don’t know how much good it’s done. What has seemed to make more of a difference was participating in a couple of online marketplaces. In a previous post, I mentioned that I was part of the Paper ‘n Stitch exhibition, and I decided to stick around for another month! This month, you can also find me at the Poppytalk Green Pop Handmade Marketplace, as well as a whole bunch of other fabulous indie shops. Both of these sites are great places to find new handmade shops that may or may not be on Etsy, so be sure to check them out!

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