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anda dress

I took a sewing class this spring and made a pillow…which was ok. But come on. It was only a pillow. Then I took another sewing class and made a skirt…which did not fit. This was also ok, because it was an actual skirt! With a zipper! So on my own, I made another skirt…which fit poorly. Now I was starting to get frustrated. A good and normal type-A personality may have re-made the wonky skirt, figured out what went wrong, learned from her mistakes. Not I. No, I decided to make a dress, instead!
…Help me, Rhonda.

I used the Anda Dress pattern from BurdaStyle. I printed the pattern at home, which meant I had to tape all those 8.5 x 11″ pieces of paper together into something the size of a human, which was kind of a mess in itself. I started cutting, I started sewing, and then I got completely lost. The fact that this pattern is rated “Very Easy” was not helping matters. I sent several frantic e-mails to Erin, who posesses the sort of kindness and compassion it takes to lie to your friend and tell her the pattern is wacky.

I avoided the dress for a while, but when it came time to start packing up to move, I just wanted to get the thing DONE…one way or another. Moving an unfinished project like this would have surely sealed its fate as The Dress I Started Sewing That One Time.  So I went rogue ont his project. I tossed the instructions (and caution) to the wind. I told myself I’ve been wearing clothes my whole life and by now I have a pretty good idea of how they go together. And I finished it. And it’s…ok.

I like it better with the cardigan than without, which is kind of disappointing since it would make such a nice warm-weather dress, but I get a bit of a hospital gown vibe from it without the cardi. I also hemmed it a little on the short side. Just a little. I’ve worn it twice and received a couple compliments and only one person asked if I made it (at which point I vowed never to wear it again until my sister told me not to worry about it that much). Actually, I surprised a couple people by telling them I made it, so that was pretty satisfying!

I don’t know if I’ll attempt another garment any time soon. Right now the sewing machine just feels like a vehicle for messing up a project faster.  But I hope that someday I’ll make friends with the machine and we will make more dresses together.

The fabric is from eQuilter.com.

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I think I have the upholstery bug…if there is such a thing. I have no desire to tackle anything major, like my sister’s sofa (ahem), but a super duper easy footstool makeover is right up my alley! It took all of about 45 minutes to turn this:

Into this:

The fabric is Amy Butler Midwest Modern 2 – Ivory. And I left the original fabric underneath. Because I am still a chicken.

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