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The French Press Felted Slippers are a really quick and satisfying knit. So quick and satisfying, in fact, that this is actually my second pair!

I made the first pair for my sister for Christmas (which she loved), but these are all mine. I used Cascade 220 for the first pair, which felted pretty well, but these are knit with Classic Elite Renaissance. I LOVE the color, but they took many more cycles through the washer to felt down to the right size.

The thing I appreciate the most about this pattern (aside from the uber cuteness), is that the heel construction is very well thought out…they don’t slip off your feet! They do, however, slip across hardwood floors with ease. I didn’t want to break my neck, but I just couldn’t bring myself to apply puffy paint to the bottoms for traction. I just…couldn’t. After wandering aimlessly around the craft store for a while, I decided to add suede patches to the soles. I actually glued the suede to the bottoms of the slippers using some kind of “tear mender” adhesive that was supposed to be well suited for leather (amongst other things) and promised to dry flexible and machine washable within 90 minutes.  So far, they’re working out really well!

I’ve been wearing the slippers so much that they’re starting to fuzz and pick up dust and cat hair, but I don’t think it’s anything a sweater stone and some more diligent housekeeping can’t fix. Or maybe I’ll just whip up another pair!

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I love handmade Christmas decorations, but I hardly had any that were made by my own hands…until now…

I think I meant to make this felted garland last year…but I never got around to it. (That’s a familiar tune around here this time of year.)  It was not *quite* as quick and easy as I had hoped, but that’s probably due, in part, to my perfectionism rearing it’s ugly head halfway through this thing. That’s not to say that it was difficult, by any means. I just added some extra steps.

I used about 1.5 oz. wool roving in several colors, and got about 48 balls out of it. I needed two pairs of stockings to tie up the roving, and used the washing machine technique for felting. The problem was that wherever the stocking gathered between knots, it created a crease in the felted ball. I wound up with 48 little brightly colored…fannies (which you can sort of see in the bowl in the photo below). Ahem. So I hauled my fanny to the craft store and bought some needle felting tools. I’d only tried needle felting once, at a sheep and wool festival, but that little demo provided me with all the knowledge I needed for this project i.e., stabstabstabstabstabstabstab…

I arranged the various felted balls in a perfectly random pattern (I know, I have a problem), and used a natural, twine-colored worsted weight yarn to string them.

I love the handmade touch they add to my mantle.  

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