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Another project for the new house…nothing major; just a little fabric and thread. I embroidered a simplified illustration of the front of my new house. I was thinking of doing something more complex, maybe some kind of crewel design, but my crewel book has already been packed.  🙂

My embroidery skills are a little weak, and the finished piece is a little wonky, but I’m very pleased with the overall look of the simple backstitch outlines and the lovely little French knot blossoms on the tree.

I don’t actually know what kind of tree that is, but it’s one of those that fills with gorgeous flowers for about ONE DAY…and then they all fall off. It just so happens that the tree was in full bloom the day I first saw the house. So in my mind, I will always picture the house with that beautiful flowering tree in the front yard.

For some added kitsch, I did have “home sweet home” embroidered underneath the house, but when I finished, it was pretty much unreadable. (See: wonky embroidery skills.) So I took it out. I think this piece will wind up hanging in the foyer.

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So I bought a house. And while that is all very fantastic and exciting, things are a little chaotic right now. Which means that in order to keep my sanity, I have to slow things down a bit with the Small Bird shop—just for now.  Most items (necklaces, bracelets, and earrings) will still be readily available. If they’re in the shop, they’re ready to ship! However, rings will not be available for about a month. Every ring is made to size after you place your order, and I want to make sure that I take the proper time and care with creating each and every ring.  Right now, my schedule and workspace simply won’t allow it.  All rings have been marked “Coming Soon” and should be available again by mid-July. Items that are currently sold out will take about a month to restock, as well.  I do apologize for any inconvenience, and look forward to making more jewelry in a bigger, better, more functional studio space very, very soon!

If you desperately need a ring fix, there are still several rings (of specific size, only) on sale and ready to ship at the Small Bird Outlet! Yes, it’s the old Etsy shop.  But “outlet” sounds cooler. If you needed a gift for someone, Small Bird gift certificates are always available through PayPal. Just click the gift certificate button in the sidebar of the shop!

In the meantime, I’m trying to make someone else’s old house into my new home…DIY-style.  🙂 House projects both large and small are already in the works. My next challenge is finding the time to blog about them!

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To everything there is a season, and sometimes, in life, you just have to make a deer head. I am smitten with all things antlers these days, and probably have more deer-head-type things hanging on my walls that I ought, none of which are made from actual deer parts, FYI. I really have to learn how to edit, but this was love at first sight. What can you do?

I stumbled across this project while browsing my daily blogs, and immediately sent the link to my most crafty friend. Within minutes, this crafty friend was standing before me saying, “We have to make them.” And I said, “Yes.” And she said, “But we should make them out of wood.” And I said, “Absolutely.” Yep, that’s pretty much how it started.

First, a mini foamcore deer head prototype was created (more out of deer head project excitement than anything else, really), and revealed that the proportions of the pattern do NOT match the proportions of the deer head in the project photo. And the slits are not the correct depth for keeping all the parts aligned properly. So together we redesigned some of the pieces, correctly measured the depth of the slits, created a new pattern, and started searching for materials. My friend is much more of a grown up than I, so she actually owns power tools AND, most importantly, a place to make a mess. So we gathered our materials and got together for Woodshop Saturday! 2 band saws, 1 jigsaw, 1 belt sander, 1 electric hand sander, 1 Dremel, some sweat, little to no blood, zero tears, and a couple bagels later we had our deer head pieces.

Ok, I glossed over the hard parts. The project was actually more challenging than we had anticipated. But I hadn’t played with power tools in a very long time, so it was WAY fun. Would I do it again? Probably not. Am I glad I did it the first time? Oh, you betcha.

My friend’s deer head will likely remain as is, with just the natural wood grain, perhaps just a clear coat to finish it. She has what’s known as “good taste.” For me, when it comes to stylized deer hear wall hangings, I tend to go big or go home. I chose some fabulous, kitschy, flocked paper that I found here, and spent quite a bit of time gluing, trimming, and painting the exposed edges. In retrospect, I should have cut the slits a bit wider. I had a nice, snug fit after all my cutting, which was shot all to heck when it scraped up my beautiful paper upon assembly. Argh. But I worked with it, finally got the thing together, disguised the mistakes, and the overall result is pretty flippin‘ sweet, if I do say so, myself. 🙂

I wish I had a better photo of the deer head. Alas, there is no light. There is only rain.

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