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A dear friend gave me three hanks of Blue Sky Alpacas Melange for my birthday in October, and although I should have been cranking out the Christmas gifts right about then, I dropped everything and started this Wavy Razor Shell Scarf the very next day. 

I’ve had this pattern in my queue for years, but the yarn was so dreamy to knit with that I didn’t mind taking my time on this project. I added an extra pattern repeat (CO 53 st.) to make the scarf a bit wider. It’s pretty much the perfect size in both length and width. More pics on Flickr.

This photo is also my first self portrait for the 52 Weeks project on Flickr. 52 self portraits? Eep! My reluctance to participate is the very thing that is¬†motivating me to participate…masochistic as that may be.

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lace legwarmers

I completed my first finished knit of 2009! Yes, the legwarmers turned out ok. More than ok, actually. I am still aggravated by the yarn requirement issue in the pattern (see mods and gripes in my previous post), but after blocking, they are 16″ in total length, which is just right for how I want to wear them. And the yarn itself is really soft and a very pretty, natural color. So overall, I’m happy with the finished product! The process? Not so much. But as I said before, this project was all about the product anyway. All’s well that ends well. Heh. Legwarmers…who would’ve thought?

More pics on Flickr.

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…it was going so well…

As soon as I saw this pattern I knew I desperately needed legwarmers. (And cowboy boots, please.) The lace pattern is pretty and easily memorized, although this project was really all about product rather than process. I modified the pattern slightly, since I wanted them to be the knee-high, rather than over the knee, so I knit 9 pattern repeats and 1/5″ of ribbing at each end, even though the pattern wanted them to be about 4″ longer. I also eliminated the increases, as the lace pattern seemed stretchy enough. It is important that I point out how much less knitting I did so that you understand how frustrated I was when I realized I was definitely going to run out of yarn after only 8 pattern repeats on the second legwarmer!! Argh! Come ON! And then the yarn circus began. I had to rip out the top of the second legwarmer, take it down to 8 pattern repeats, then divide up the yarn I had left over both legwarmers…oh! but you have to double the yarn just on the ribbed cuffs, so I had long pieces of yarn stretched through my house, then doubled back, which make the cat go berserk, which made me yell. So I reknit the cuffs on both legwarmers, decreasing 10 stitches on the first round, and making them a bit shorter than the pattern called for.

Moral of the Story #1: if you are going to knit these legwarmers, get TWO (2) skeins of Classic Elite Alpaca Sox!!! The one skein that the pattern calls for does not even come close, especially if you want to wear them over the knee, like the pattern photo. I don’t know what they were thinking.
Moral #2: Check the pattern notes from other Ravelers BEFORE you start a project. I looked at other knitters’ projects AFTER I was already frustrated and ripping and reknitting, and it turned out I was not alone; most people were frustrated by the yarn shortage in this pattern.
So they’re blocking, and they look pretty, and I think they’ll be just fine for the way I want to wear them, but we’ll see.

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