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This sweater has been finished for a long time. Months, in fact. I didn’t intend to let it go unblogged for so long, but I never got around to taking photos. Anyway…started a year and a half ago and finished this past August, here is Assemblage:

I knit the 40” size since my gauge was a little tight and since I liked the way the model on the pattern instructions looks in the oversized sweater. I also added a couple extra inches to the length.

Norah Gaughan’s pattern is obviously very well-written, and the stitch pattern on the collar and cuffs is TO DIE FOR. I was knitting a sleeve in the airport when a woman stopped dead in her tracks to gush all over it. I couldn’t even say thank you, I was just all, “I KNOW, right?!”

The only thing that keeps me from falling madly in love with this cardigan is that I don’t think it’s really my style. I don’t know why I didn’t figure this out before I knit it, but it’s entirely possible that I was mesmerized by that gorgeous stitch pattern. Although I’m happy with the execution of the finished product, I don’t know how much I’ll wear it. Any of you fashionistas have ideas for styling this handknit differently? There is another button at the top, if that makes a difference. What I’m wearing in the photo is a total snooze. Maybe it needs a skirt and boots or something…

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