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back to work

Summer was busy with home improvement projects (some of which are finished and need to be blogged, some of which are still in progress), but back to school has meant back to knitting and back to jewelry making. One of the best things about my new house is that I have a proper jewelry studio in my basement. Having a dedicated studio (i.e. a place to make a mess!) has made such a difference in how I work. I acquired a couple new pieces of equipment that I previously didn’t have the space for, so I’m finally able to incorporate some techniques that I’ve been wanting to try for what feels like forever. I’ve got a sketchbook full of new designs, and I’m hoping to have several more new items before showing at the Second Storie Indie Market at the end of November! My new favorite is the Druzy Quartz Ring. It’s BIG. And really pretty, but not too pretty, if that makes sense. Look…

There are a few more new items already in the shop and more to come! If you want to keep up with new item listings you can subscribe to the Small Bird RSS feed, too!

Happy Autumn!

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